The Perimenopause Hub

20th September 2023

What is The Perimenopause Hub The Perimenopause Hub is an online platform dedicated to providing women with comprehensive information, resources, and support during the perimenopausal years. It's a one-stop destination for everything related to perimenopause, from understanding the symptoms to navigating treatment options and finding a supportive community. Founded by…

Melanie Pollard – Wellbeing & Menopause Coach

11th September 2023

Introducing Melanie Melanie is an experienced and brilliant wellbeing coach, based in Warrington UK, specialising in menopause and a pioneer for supporting women through this tricking time of life. She is passionate about promoting good health and confidence through her support, guidance and lifestyle tips to provide tools and skills…

Menopausal Not Mad & The HRT Truth Collective

22nd August 2023

Menopausal Not Mad & The HRT Truth Collective At Cool Embrace we have recently teamed up with Jane Pangbourne, the brilliant woman behind Menopausal Not Mad & The HRT Truth Collective. Her website and Facebook group offer support and advice to women seeking help whilst they navigate the menopause and…