Stay Cool, Embrace Comfort

Welcome to Cool Embrace, the premium cooling intra-blanket that keeps you cool all night, every night.

Our high quality cooling blankets and cooling pillowcases are more than just your average cooling bedding as they actively thermoregulate your body temperature in order to give you a good night’s sleep all night, every night. The first of its kind, this cooling intra-blanket keeps you continuously cool all night long without losing effectiveness and does not trap moisture or bacteria within the fabrics.  

  • Never before used cooling technology
  • Made with the highest quality fabrics
  • No chemicals or synthetic coatings
  • Actively keeps your body cool while you sleep
  • Never loses effectiveness

Cool Embrace cooling blankets will continuously keep your body cool by taking heat away and preventing sweat building up on your skin and bedding. Our patented technology uses a chemical free and totally natural process. Its unique and innovative 5 layer system keeps you cool and sweat free throughout the night. Read our Science Page for more information.


Our award winning blankets have proven to be one of the best and most effective products available and are an investment that provides you with a good night’s sleep, allowing you to enjoy your days to the fullest. 

Check out what our customers say on TrustPilot and see for yourself how much Cool Embrace has empowered people by giving them a restful night’s sleep.

We’re confident you’ll find your new best friend in our Cool Embrace bedding but if not, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our cooling bedding range and we offer a range of payment options including Klarna to help spread the cost.

Shop our luxurious range of cooling blankets and cooling pillowcases, starting from just £35, and make night sweats a thing of the past.

The Science

Experience the ultimate comfort with Cool Embrace™

Meticulously crafted with five unique layers that work harmoniously to enhance your sleep by eliminating night sweats.

Recent Reviews

Practical help for night time hot flushes

Rated 5.0 out of 5
12 March 2024

I’m loving my blanket and pillow case. I’ve been having hot flushes at night and the blanket really does help cool me down. It doesn’t stop them happening obviously but definitely helps cool you down before your body makes you sweat. So you also avoid the bit where you then get cold and damp. The pillow keeps cool too so no need to keep flipping it over to cool your head. Overall it helps getting back to sleep quicker when the flushes wake you up. Would reccomend to anyone going through perimenopausal symptoms. Thank you cool embrace!

Jude Allen

Wonderful soothing relief for a hot head

Rated 5.0 out of 5
9 February 2024

I have used the pillowcases on our bed for a while and I have found them so refreshing! There is nothing better than laying my head on a cool pillow and feeling the instant cooling which sends me back to sleep so quickly.

Mrs A

These products really make a difference.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
15 January 2024

These products really make a difference. I purchased the pillowcase, and two blankets, one for under my fitted sheet, the other I’ve placed in a duvet cover (M&S cooling fabric) replacing a duvet. I can now sleep better and manage the hot flushes throughout the night.


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