The best way to use my Cool Embrace Blanket & Pillowcase

How to use your cooling blanket

Our cooling blankets can be used in a number of ways to stop night sweats and keep you cool all night long.

  1. Cool Embrace blankets can simply be placed over you as a regular blanket or throw.
  2. You can put the Cool Embrace blanket inside your existing duvet cover either on it’s own or with your normal duvet – if using with a duvet, please make sure the cooling blanket is under the duvet and closest to your body.
  3. If you currently use a thin sheet as well as a duvet, Cool Embrace will still work for you, just put the cooling blanket between your sheet and duvet cover.

The best way to use your cooling pillowcase

Our Cool Embrace anti-sweat pillowcases are just as easy to use as our blankets. We have 2 recommended ways to use our cooling pillowcases and never search for the cold side of the pillowcase again.

  1. Use the Cool Embrace pillowcase as a normal pillowcase – simply put your normal pillow inside the Cool Embrace pillowcase with the thicker side facing upwards.
  2. If you love your existing pillowcase you can still keep your head cool at night by putting the Cool Embrace pillowcase over your pillow, and then put your pillowcase of choice over the top. As long as the thicker side is facing upwards it will still work just as well.

However you choose to use our cooling blankets and pillowcases we have you covered. Our bedding stops night sweats and keeps you cool all night with it’s unique layers of special fabrics, meaning it doesn’t stop working half way through the night.

Unlike other cooling bedding, we don’t use any chemical coatings or short term heat absorbing materials which stop working after a short amount of time, so you can enjoy a cool, good night’s sleep for as long as you have a blanket.

No matter how you choose to use your Cool Embrace the results will still be the same – a peaceful sleep without the disruption of night sweats and overheating. Wake up feeling well rested and refreshed.

We always love hearing from our customers so if you’ve found a new way to use Cool Embrace from the options above, let us know!