The Science Behind Cool Embrace

Cool Embrace bedding innovative cooling technology to stop night sweats

The cooling bedding from Cool Embrace is not a single piece of fabric but is five separate layers that work in harmony, complementing each other to keep you cool at night and stop you waking up sweating. The three inner layers of fabric at the heart of Cool Embrace, are what makes our blankets and pillowcases so effective at stopping you getting too hot while sleeping. These fabric layers achieve incredible results by actively moving excess heat and moisture away from the body whilst asleep, meaning you stay cool at night and don’t get night sweats. To achieve this, we had to look at how heat travels and it is through four different ways:

Convection of heat at night

Convection which means hot air rising away from the source of the heat through water (kettle boiling)

Conduction of heat in the body

Conduction which means heat from one solid object to another (food cooking in a pan)

Radiation of heat from the body

Radiation heat from transfer one object to another by electromagnetic waves without touching each other (Radiator warms a room or the Sun heating the Earth)

Evaporation of sweat from the body

Evaporation that’s when water changes from a liquid to a gas because the temperature is high enough (vapour)

Heat Build-Up, Waking Up Hot and Sweaty: A Common Issue

Your body ends up getting too hot whilst asleep when the heat transfer mechanisms result in excess heat building up between your body and your bedding. As a consequence, you may start sweating during the night and feel increasingly uncomfortable and often waking up covered in sweat – hindering that all-important sleep quality and sometimes stopping you from sleeping at all!

Cool Embrace’s Innovative Solution To Keep You Cool At Night

The Cool Embrace cooling bedding range features an element renowned for its exceptional heat conductivity and heat dissipation. This enables rapid transfer of body-generated heat throughout the whole Cool Embrace blanket or pillowcase, thanks to thermal conduction, ensuring the temperature of the skin stays cool and stops you breaking into a sweat while you sleep.

With an expansive internal surface area exceeding 47 square feet, the Cool Embrace efficiently disperses and eliminates heat through conduction and subsequent convection, making it one of the best ways to keep you cool at night.

Put simply – the heat is dispersed evenly across the blankets and pillowcases effectively and continuously all night, leaving you feeling cool while you sleep and more comfortable, so you can wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Proactive Temperature Control for Enhanced Comfort

Most other cooling blankets adopt a reactive approach by focusing on removing sweat after it occurs. Cool Embrace, on the other hand, takes a proactive stance to stopping sweat building up on your skin.

It regulates your body temperature before and during perspiration, ensuring you feel consistently cool and dry and get a good night’s sleep!

Tackling the Cycle of Heat Build-Up

Traditional blankets and duvets rely on the principle of hot air rising to keep you warm. However, this leads to a temperature increase and the trapped heat bouncing back down onto your body, resulting in a cycle of escalating temperatures (convection) until perspiration begins resulting in night sweats!

Break the Cycle with Cool Embrace

By using Cool Embrace, you can break free from this cycle. As your temperature rises, water molecules due to evaporation move onto the middle layer, facilitating convection and efficient heat removal.

Unparalleled Thermal Conductivity

Cool Embrace boasts significantly higher thermal conductivity compared to other cooling blankets available!

In fact, the middle layer exhibits thermal conductivity that surpasses wool by a factor of 13 and cotton by an astonishing factor of 25. This exceptional feature enables rapid absorption and dispersion of heat, while any perspiration evaporates swiftly, eliminating excess heat without saturating the bedding.

Experience the Cool Embrace Revolution

Choose Cool Embrace blankets and pillowcases to enjoy an unparalleled sleep experience.

With our scientific design and superior thermal conductivity, Cool Embrace ensures optimal temperature regulation, ultimate comfort, and a blissful night’s sleep.