The Menopause Mindset Podcast features Cool Embrace to talk about combatting Night Sweats

18th July 2023
Sally Garozzo The Menopause Mindset Podcast with Cool Embrace

Sally Garozzo Meets Steve, The Founder & Inventor of Cool Embrace

Steve, our director and founder at Cool Embrace, had the pleasure of speaking with Sally Garozzo earlier this month, for her weekly podcast, The Menopause Mindset, to talk about Cool Embrace and how it all started. Sally is a multi award winning Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy who has a special interest in the menopause transition in life.

Cool Embrace were priviledged to be invited to speak with Sally on her menopause podcast and tell her more about the story behind our cooling bedding range that stops night sweats & how it all started. Steve found Sally very engaging and knowledgeable and we hope the listeners enjoy hearing our story too.

About Sally & The Menopause Mindset Podcast

Sally launched The Menopause Mindset Podcast to create a platform for open discussions, expert insights and empowering stories and is a passionate advocate for women’s health and wellbeing. With a mission to provide women with the knowledge, support and empowerment they need to navigate the menopause journey, Sally is changing the conversation surrounding this significant life transition.

As a woman who has personally experienced the challenges and changes that come with menopause, Sally understands the physical, emotional and mental toll it can take and is determined to help others on their menopause journey.

Each episode of The Menopause Mindset Podcast delves into various aspects and stages of the menopause experience, addressing topics such as hormonal changes, sleep disturbances, hot flushes, mood swings and more. Sally invites a diverse range of guests, including medical professionals, therapists, nutritionists and women who have navigated the menopause firsthand, to share their expertise, experience and advice.

How to listen to the podcast & more info

The Menopause Mindset Podcast was a podcast we hoped to be featured on from the very beginning, Sally’s dedication to raising awareness about menopause and providing women with a supportive community is commendable and something that resonates with our ethos & core values at Cool Embrace. Through her podcast, she is breaking the stigma surrounding menopause and empowering women to embrace this transformative stage with strength and resilience and we are so pleased to have been on an episode.

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