Middle Age Madness: My Menopause Diary

4th August 2023
Middle Age Madness: My Menopause Diary

A brilliantly funny outlook on menopause and middle age 

If you’re looking for a refreshingly honest and hilarious view on the menopause then look no further than Middle Age Madness. Started in 2021 by Sarah Stenton, a small business owner, wife, mother and all round inspiration to anyone who reads her personal experiences about menopause. Sarah holds nothing back when she shares stories and honest truths about her journey through menopause, giving a refreshingly positive outlook that many of us can relate to. 

Middle Age Madness: My Menopause Diary The Book

As well as entertaining us with her daily Facebook posts, Sarah has also written a successful book called Middle Age Madness: My Menopause diary. Her book boasts the same raw honesty and comedic outlook on the events that she experienced during the menopause & midlife. With copies flying off the shelves, and Amazon of course, Sarah is a praised author who gives a relatable, down to earth account of her menopause experience, giving us a positive and uplifting empowerment to get through this stage of life with a smile on our face and drink in our hands.

How Sarah met Cool Embrace

Sarah was one of the first people we reached out to at the very beginning of Cool Embrace and is not far away so we were privileged to meet her face to face. We can tell you she is as witty and personable in person as she is on her posts and we were delighted to give her a blanket to try for herself during our trial phases. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to Sarah and read below to see what she thought about Cool Embrace. 

‘I make no secret of the fact that I have really suffered with the menopause – it has thrown everything at me! When Cool Embrace offered me the chance to try their blanket, I was sceptical; it is hard to imagine that something so simple can really work, and the thought of putting an extra layer on top of my boiling body at night filled me with dread. But, hand on heart, I have slept better every single night, I still get hot flushes but I no longer experience the uncomfortable sweats that resulted in me waking up so many times. I am very happy to recommend Cool Embrace’  Sarah Stenton

Cool Embrace Recommends Middle Age Madness

We give the thumbs up to Sarah, her book and facebook page and would recommend it to anyone who can relate to this time of life. No holes barred and a refreshing change to a sometimes gloomy subject. Thank you Sarah for the support and uplifting spirit you add to this community. Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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