Melanie Pollard – Wellbeing & Menopause Coach

11th September 2023
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Introducing Melanie

Melanie is an experienced and brilliant wellbeing coach, based in Warrington UK, specialising in menopause and a pioneer for supporting women through this tricking time of life. She is passionate about promoting good health and confidence through her support, guidance and lifestyle tips to provide tools and skills that can be used everyday allowing women to thrive and succeed. 

Melanie Pollard

How Melanie became a menopause coach

Melanie started her career as a legal PA which gave her the skills to support and advise people to reach their full potential. As well as being a hard working woman, Melanie is a mum of three and a member of a local theatre group, where she enjoys being on stage and being a valued member of the community. When starting to navigate her own perimenopause journey she began coaching and offering menopause support through 1-2-1 sessions, group coaching and business programmes. On top of all this hard work she also dedicates her time by hosting the Menopause Cafe in Warrington, a relaxed meet up for women going through the menopause to get together and share their experiences. She certainly is one busy lady and we salute her commitment and passion to helping women.

Why you should definitely look up Melanie’s business

Anyone who’s looking for advice, support or just a chat with a caring, experienced coach should definitely get in touch with Melanie. Her relaxed and knowledgeable approach to the menopause journey is one that will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the world. Here at Cool Embrace we love to connect with other pioneers of the menopause community and Melanie is definitely one of them. 

Melanie & Cool Embrace

We are so lucky to have personally connected with Melanie and love her ethos, values and hard work with women all over the UK. She is also a big fan of Cool Embrace and we are delighted to have her as a supporter of Cool Embrace. Here is what Melanie thinks of Cool Embrace:

“I think the Cool Embrace products are revolutionary! Poor sleep in menopausal years can mean a negative impact on our physical and mental health – so having this innovative product to enable us ladies to get a good night’s sleep is a game changer!” 

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