Flow & Glow Yoga with Liana Oldham

15th December 2023

Introducing Liana Oldham & Flow & Glow Yoga

Wellness is her passion and full-time occupation: her job and her hobby. Liana is an experienced Yoga Teacher and Health Coach, aiming to support you on the quest of enjoying the beauty of life and all it has to give, which only happens when we have a healthy, happy body and mind. Liana teaches weekly group Yoga classes, as well as private sessions at her Home Studio in Essex. Often runs her own workshops dedicated especially to women navigating Menopause. Liana can provide her Health Coaching Packages online via Zoom as well for those that are not in Essex.

She started practising Yoga in Brazil in 1997 to de-stress from a demanding professional career. After graduating in Journalism, post-graduating and working with Advertising she found herself suffering from stress in her early 20’s. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, had severe heart palpitations and IBS; having a knee condition that flared up when doing high intensity exercise meant restricted options for physical activity. She started Pilates and became curious about Yoga. 

More about Flow and Glow Yoga & Liana

During the pandemic, peri-menopause symptoms creeped up and she had time to educate herself on how Nutrition, mindset, and exercise impact greatly on how to navigate through challenging changes. In 2022, she certified as a Women’s Health Coach Specialist to offer workout routines; guide into Nutrition and help with lifestyle habits. This training also includes Pelvic Floor guidance to assist women in conditions that impact on their ability to exercise and feel good in daily life, and information on Hormone Replacement Therapy – HRT. 

She updates herself on scientific studies with evidence on how to sustain our health; but does not forget that part that feels and believes in the honing of Universal energy. She became a Reiki and Sound Therapist to offer these holistic treatments either privately or in group events. Her experience as a professional, mother and wellness practitioner also led her to support men and women in corporate settings. She is truly committed to people’s well-being and passionate about consciously bringing mind, body, and soul together for better physical and mental states. 

Liana & Cool Embrace

Liana works with people of all ages but as she specialises in yoga for women during perimenopause and menopause, she took an interest in Cool Embrace and often runs workshops specifically aimed at midlife. She has a sample of our Cool Embrace blanket material to show her clients as it can help those who are not only looking to receive some great yoga and relaxation methods but also suffering from night sweats. With a combination of wellness techniques taught by Liana and the cooling benefits of Cool Embrace we hope to combine forces to make life just that little bit easier. 

“I believe that Cool Embrace helps ease off symptoms at a time when we need to learn how to make little changes to improve our quality of sleep so our night is less disruptive and we have more energy throughout our day. I also found that the Cool Embrace pillowcase improved the quality of my skin. I suffer from adult acne and rosacea, and the pillows help my face feel fresh and less inflamed after a night’s sleep”.

Why Cool Embrace recommends Flow & Glow Yoga

At Cool Embrace we cannot recommend Flow and Glow Yoga enough, Liana provides an experienced, professional but still personal service which has helped so many women already. Keeping fit physically, mentally and emotionally is important no matter what stage of life we’re in but particularly through the perimenopause and menopause. It’s not always easy to do it by yourself and many of us don’t know where to start and it’s people like Liana that we can turn to for the support and guidance we need.

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